Photo Restoration Project 1950’s Black & White Photo.

Photo Restoration

This Photo Restoration Project turned out better than I though it would.  My goal was to remove the cuts and scratches and bring out the original images as much as possible without changing the integrity of the photo.  Below pictured is the actual picture.  I wanted a picture of someone holding it so you can get an idea of the exact condition of the photo.  Photo taken during the late 50’s early 60’s but exact date is unknown.


If you look carefully you can see that the picture was taken in one of the very early photo booths when they were first invented.  If you have ever taken a photo in a photo booth you know how tiny they can be so stretching out this photo was a challenge.  I did manage to stretch it out to a significant size and while there was some pixels sacrificed it came out beautifully restore and picture frame worthy.



Here is the final picture and it still looks old and the images still look like they were taken in the fifties but the goal was not to change it or make it modern.  What we did here is save a tiny old photo and saved memories of a time that may be no more but will always be in our hearts.



If you are looking to restore an old photo reach out to me and I will review it.  If I cant do it I will let you know but I would love the challenge of trying.    Do you have any old photos that you think can not be saved?  Leave a comment and let us know?

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Hot Free Coupons Simply Tide

No worries if you missed it you can print your Simply tide coupon now.

With all the deals coming going on I was excited to see this Hot New Coupon in  This will go fast so print yours now.  Coupon is already clipped.  Save time by linking to coupon here and coming back here for your second print.

$1.00 off (1) Tide Simply Clean and Fresh

Sep 14- Sep 20 You can get Simply tide for only $0.99 at Smiths and Krogers. Some stores do not have it in there flyer but you can find the tags in the isle.

Hot New Coupon


Come back and let us know if you find any other deals.

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March Free Photos

March Free Photos

The empty Freezers above I took during the closeout of Pathmark Supermarkets.  I just thought it was so strange to be inside the supermarket while it was so empty.

Free Photo Data power in out

Ethernet cables connected to a thin client.

Free Photo No Trespassing rusty sign under nyc bridge

This is a rusty No Trespassing sign.  I just wonder who would want to.  I mean it is under an over pass with garbage and debris scattered all over.  But this is NYC You never know!!


A small glimpse of a birthday cake.  It was my grandaughters birthday.  The lighting was really dim and I was not really prepared to take proper pictures.  I was suprised to find this one.

For the rest of March I will continue to add photos if I find any but I am going out to get ready for April 2016 free photos post so subscribe or/and comeback and check.


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  • Richmond Hill Lumber

Richmond Hill Lumber Yard

My husband and I were looking to buy lumber for a small project.  We headed over to Home Depot to get what we needed and we do not have anything nice to say.  But I will say is we stood in the lumber isle with our selected pieces and waited for help to cut the pieces but no one showed.  When we asked workers who passed by we were told “Not my department I don’t know if anyone can help you by several employees.”  And then we noticed that they eventually stopped coming in our direction.

So we left empty handed and headed over to a local lumber yard.  We were worried that they may not sell to us because the project we had in mind was small but we were soon proved wrong when we arrived at Richmond Hill Lumber Yard.

Richmond Hill Lumber Yard

We were immediately greeted by several employees and managers.  Went in the office described our needs and then taken to the yard where our pieces were selected and cut down to our desired measurements.

I will say it did cost more than what it would of cost in Home Depot but it was a small difference and well worth it.   We felt special and went back a few more times to pick up more material for our project.  We were not constructing a house but we got the same treatment.


Richmond Hill Lumber Yard

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Setting Up TP Link AC 1750

Setting Up TP Link AC 1750 if I can do it so can you!!

Click on or or just enter it in address bar of a web browser (admin is used both for user name and password).
Setting Up TP Link AC 1750

Click next to continue Setting Up TP Link AC 1750.

Setting Up TP Link AC 1750

Then Select concurrently with 2.4GHZ AND 5GHZ (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)

Setting Up TP Link AC 1750

Not to much to change here. If you already had a wireless name and password you can use the same one as you old one. Setting Up TP Link AC 1750 with you old network name and password will cause all your devices that are set to connect automatically to connect with out reentering the info but if it does not automatically connect then find you network name and enter the password again. You can also opt to create and entirely new Wireless Network Name and Password while Setting Up TP Link AC 1750. In the below pic the selections defaulted to what you see so if yours did not come up that way just go ahead and make sure that you select the Enable Security (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) and enter your chosen password. Also change your Wireless network Name. That’s it just click on next to continue.

Setting Up TP Link AC 1750

That’s it you are done just hit reboot on the final screen and your router will reboot and if not already set up go ahead and configure you devices to connect to your new network.

Need more info? No problem Download the Manual for this router here.


You may be asking Okay?  So what modem did you get.  Well that review is coming soon and it is going to real short because all I really did was plug it in connect the Ethernet cords then called my provider to activate and that was it.  So what I will say for now it the two work perfectly together and it was well worth the investment.

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TP Link Archer C7 Router

TP Link Archer C7 Router replaced my old Time warner cable modem/router.  Of course I had to purchase my own Modem but the one they provide or I should say rent to you did not deliver the top 300 MBPs that I pay extra for and it was TWC top Modem.

TP Link Archer C7

I selected the TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router, 2.4GHz 450Mbps+5Ghz 1300Mbps, 2 USB Port, IPv6, Guest Network  based solely on what it promises to deliver. But what I really like is the Dual USB Ports that can be used for storage, printer sharing, FTP Server and Media Server.

Now I am not going into specifics about thisTP Link Archer C7 .  Mainly cause I do not know it all. But that is the point.  If I can figure it out so can anyone else.

TP Link Archer C7

Setting up Your TP-LINK Archer C7:

Setting up TP Link Archer C7 was a breeze and I especially liked being able to set it up Wirelessly. Just use the (SSID) and Password that is listed on the label on the bottom .

TP Link Archer C7

Click on or or just enter it in address bar of a web browser.

Use “admin” for both user name and password then click log in.

For my connection type I selected Auto Detect then clicked next to select my frequency which was Concurrently with 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ  Now I don’t know what exactly that means but I know it worked.

After you follow those three steps then you will be brought to a screen to change your settings like your Network Name and Password.  Once you change those settings you will then be kicked off but just open your connect network options on your computer and find the new name you just assigned your network then use the password you set up.

If the above paragraph confused you no worries it comes with a very easy to read Quick installation guide where it is broken down in more details.

TP Link Archer C7

Another interesting was to configure the TP Link Archer C7 is via Tether app. I will be honest I did not do this yet cause I am still in the process of exploring my TP Link Archer C7 but I plan to check it out real soon.
Here is what is listed about the Tether app in the TP Link Archer C7 quick installation guide.

  • View information about the clients on your network.
  • Block network access from specific users or devices.
  • Set up Parental control with access time and content restrictions.
  • Change the basic wireless network settings easily

The above list for the TP Link Archer C7 Tether App feature is nice but chances are once you set up your settings you may not need to go back and change them.

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Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge. A Passengers View.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge also known as the Queensboro Bridge  view has changed over the years.  It is the only way to enter the borough of queens free.  No tolls and open to commercial traffic.  Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge is always packed with traffic and its lanes are very narrow.  There is a growing business and residential community on the rise.  Lots of hotels and high rise apartment buildings on the rise.  I sometimes wonder how it would be to live there.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge connects Manhattan at 59th Street to Long Island City, Queens. The upper level of the Queensboro Bridge has four lanes where you can find the views in the photos I posted here. The lower level has six lanes, the inner four for automobile traffic and the outer two for either automobile traffic or pedestrians and bicycles. The North Outer Roadway appears to be a pedestrian walk but rarely do you see pedestrians walking over it.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge Silver Cup studios

Silvercup studios famous sign can be seen in the south side of the bridge via the lower or upper level.  My Favorite movie Highlander comes to mind immediately but there has been many other movies filmed there.  It was renamed the Ed Koch bridge but I will always call it the 59th street Bridge.

Looking thru your window

The sky was so crisp and clear that I was able to capture the above image of a warehouse window.  I just think it looks so mysterious the way the light and shadows bounced off it.


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Hot Topic (Clearance Sale) Queens Center Mall

Hot Topic Clearance Sale

Hot Topic   is having a clearance sale.  The store will be closing for a bit for renovations.  So I am in a hurry  to let everyone know that I am a fan of Hot Topic.  I love there clothes and the prices cant be beat.  If you are in the queens Center Mall stop in and catch there clearance sale.  If you do buy anything make sure you you get your Hot Topic Cash before you leave.  Very easy to use at any of there stores or on there website but that will be another post that follows.

However in the meantime you may find lots of new post such as this over Hip2share.  Now I am a woman of a certain age so imagine my surprise when I found stuff that not only fit but did not make me look like a crazy old woman dressing up in young peoples clothes.  Another problem I have is I am not plus size so it is hard to find clothing and when I go to the regular sizes they are always to tight or just don’t fit so if your in between like me head on over there for some cool options.  And today only there is a sale on there website for 30% off click here to find some cool stuff.

In this picture I am wearing the latest sweat shirt and it is a cute cat.  So cute had to take a selfie.

Hot Topic Sweat shirt

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  • Free shipping

Free shipping 900 Merchants participating

Free shipping.

One day only.  December 18, 2015


Procrastinators Rejoice! The 8th Annual Free Shipping Day is Friday, December 18.More than 900 stores including Walmart, Target and Harry & David are offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS with delivery by Christmas Eve. See all participating stores and get the coupon codes at the Official Free Shipping Day website.


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Twelve Days Till Christmas

 Christmas 2015.

What kind of blog would hip2share be if we did not do at least one holiday post.  Nothing to sell. No recommendations.


Just a sincere happy holiday to all our readers.  Christmas can be an expensive time of year and I am sure all of my readers are bombarded with lots of sales and holiday offers so I will refrain from such activity.

Giant Santa Twelve Days Till Christmas

What I will do is share my photos from last year.  And some from this year.  These are photos of my favorite part of the holiday.  It is not the gift giving or receiving but the decorations.  I am no stranger to the effort put forth into decorations and trimming which is a big part of why it is my favorite part.


Spending the money of the ornaments is one part and while it may seem like the big part for me the biggest part of it all is the time spent decorating.  Time is valuable and to dedicate it to making something beautiful is the best gift anyone can ever give.


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