March Free Photos

The empty Freezers above I took during the closeout of Pathmark Supermarkets.  I just thought it was so strange to be inside the supermarket while it was so empty.

Free Photo Data power in out

Ethernet cables connected to a thin client.

Free Photo No Trespassing rusty sign under nyc bridge

This is a rusty No Trespassing sign.  I just wonder who would want to.  I mean it is under an over pass with garbage and debris scattered all over.  But this is NYC You never know!!


A small glimpse of a birthday cake.  It was my grandaughters birthday.  The lighting was really dim and I was not really prepared to take proper pictures.  I was suprised to find this one.

For the rest of March I will continue to add photos if I find any but I am going out to get ready for April 2016 free photos post so subscribe or/and comeback and check.


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