My husband and I were looking to buy lumber for a small project.  We headed over to Home Depot to get what we needed and we do not have anything nice to say.  But I will say is we stood in the lumber isle with our selected pieces and waited for help to cut the pieces but no one showed.  When we asked workers who passed by we were told “Not my department I don’t know if anyone can help you by several employees.”  And then we noticed that they eventually stopped coming in our direction.

So we left empty handed and headed over to a local lumber yard.  We were worried that they may not sell to us because the project we had in mind was small but we were soon proved wrong when we arrived at Richmond Hill Lumber Yard.

Richmond Hill Lumber Yard

We were immediately greeted by several employees and managers.  Went in the office described our needs and then taken to the yard where our pieces were selected and cut down to our desired measurements.

I will say it did cost more than what it would of cost in Home Depot but it was a small difference and well worth it.   We felt special and went back a few more times to pick up more material for our project.  We were not constructing a house but we got the same treatment.


Richmond Hill Lumber Yard

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