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March Free Photos

March Free Photos

The empty Freezers above I took during the closeout of Pathmark Supermarkets.  I just thought it was so strange to be inside the supermarket while it was so empty.

Free Photo Data power in out

Ethernet cables connected to a thin client.

Free Photo No Trespassing rusty sign under nyc bridge

This is a rusty No Trespassing sign.  I just wonder who would want to.  I mean it is under an over pass with garbage and debris scattered all over.  But this is NYC You never know!!


A small glimpse of a birthday cake.  It was my grandaughters birthday.  The lighting was really dim and I was not really prepared to take proper pictures.  I was suprised to find this one.

For the rest of March I will continue to add photos if I find any but I am going out to get ready for April 2016 free photos post so subscribe or/and comeback and check.


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TP Link Archer C7 Router

TP Link Archer C7 Router replaced my old Time warner cable modem/router.  Of course I had to purchase my own Modem but the one they provide or I should say rent to you did not deliver the top 300 MBPs that I pay extra for and it was TWC top Modem.

TP Link Archer C7

I selected the TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router, 2.4GHz 450Mbps+5Ghz 1300Mbps, 2 USB Port, IPv6, Guest Network  based solely on what it promises to deliver. But what I really like is the Dual USB Ports that can be used for storage, printer sharing, FTP Server and Media Server.

Now I am not going into specifics about thisTP Link Archer C7 .  Mainly cause I do not know it all. But that is the point.  If I can figure it out so can anyone else.

TP Link Archer C7

Setting up Your TP-LINK Archer C7:

Setting up TP Link Archer C7 was a breeze and I especially liked being able to set it up Wirelessly. Just use the (SSID) and Password that is listed on the label on the bottom .

TP Link Archer C7

Click on or or just enter it in address bar of a web browser.

Use “admin” for both user name and password then click log in.

For my connection type I selected Auto Detect then clicked next to select my frequency which was Concurrently with 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ  Now I don’t know what exactly that means but I know it worked.

After you follow those three steps then you will be brought to a screen to change your settings like your Network Name and Password.  Once you change those settings you will then be kicked off but just open your connect network options on your computer and find the new name you just assigned your network then use the password you set up.

If the above paragraph confused you no worries it comes with a very easy to read Quick installation guide where it is broken down in more details.

TP Link Archer C7

Another interesting was to configure the TP Link Archer C7 is via Tether app. I will be honest I did not do this yet cause I am still in the process of exploring my TP Link Archer C7 but I plan to check it out real soon.
Here is what is listed about the Tether app in the TP Link Archer C7 quick installation guide.

  • View information about the clients on your network.
  • Block network access from specific users or devices.
  • Set up Parental control with access time and content restrictions.
  • Change the basic wireless network settings easily

The above list for the TP Link Archer C7 Tether App feature is nice but chances are once you set up your settings you may not need to go back and change them.

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