Marly’s Life In Vegas: The truth about living in Las Vegas.


Vegas is my home town.

After 5 years of planning I finally did it.  I have made Las Vegas my Home Town.  I sit here a year later as a full resident and have a story to share.  It has not been all fun and games.  I have struggled with heartache, confusion and a unavoidable culture shock.

I will not sugar coat my move to Las Vegas.

Before you make your decision follow me.  Ask me questions and know that if it is your dream you can make it happen.  Moving cross country is not easy nor will I try to make it seem so.

No regrets!!

I have struggled financially, personally and mentally but if I had to do it again I would. Looking now at where I am now I have no regrets and have not looked back yet.

Love to Visit!!!

This is your opportunity to experience Las Vegas beyond the reputation.  Las Vegas a city  you love to visit but will never want to live in is a statement of the past.

For a real life introduction on what it is like to live in Nevada you have come to the wright place.  Living in Las Vegas is not without its challenges.  I have committed my fair share of mistakes and share them here so you don’t have to.  There is a vibrant life beyond the lights of the strip.  So if you plan to retire here or just are curious I share with you vital information you may need to assist you with your decision and beyond.