Photo Restoration

This Photo Restoration Project turned out better than I though it would.  My goal was to remove the cuts and scratches and bring out the original images as much as possible without changing the integrity of the photo.  Below pictured is the actual picture.  I wanted a picture of someone holding it so you can get an idea of the exact condition of the photo.  Photo taken during the late 50’s early 60’s but exact date is unknown.


If you look carefully you can see that the picture was taken in one of the very early photo booths when they were first invented.  If you have ever taken a photo in a photo booth you know how tiny they can be so stretching out this photo was a challenge.  I did manage to stretch it out to a significant size and while there was some pixels sacrificed it came out beautifully restore and picture frame worthy.



Here is the final picture and it still looks old and the images still look like they were taken in the fifties but the goal was not to change it or make it modern.  What we did here is save a tiny old photo and saved memories of a time that may be no more but will always be in our hearts.



If you are looking to restore an old photo reach out to me and I will review it.  If I cant do it I will let you know but I would love the challenge of trying.    Do you have any old photos that you think can not be saved?  Leave a comment and let us know?