Here is something I wish I would of known when I started my photography hobby.

So before you go out and purchase that expensive software to edit your videos and photos check here.  There are lots of free software that you can use for editing.  All I mention here I have tried and found it to be free.  However if you are just learning it may provide quite the learning curve.

I will add all I know as I go along with tips on how to use and where to find useful information.

I share most of my photos with my readers and all photos in my galleries are yours to use any way you want.

Credit back to hip2share would be nice but not mandatory.  So if you see something you like you can right click and download and a quick shout out in comments section for photography would be welcomed.

Most of what I know about photography I have learned on you tube.  I have learned how to navigate and find useful and reputable  tutorials that many years ago would have cost much more to get access to.

In addition there are many blogs and sites where they have useful guides and show you all the tricks for free.

As I learned I also attempt to give Kudos to those you tube channels and blogs in any way possible.  As I go on I will share with you what I have learned and where I have learned it from.

One way of me giving thanks is to share with all of you who I have learned from and how you can learn from them to.