Northglen Webster Lake Adventure

It was a warm winter day.  At least in the 80’s.  We took advantage of the warm weather and headed over to Northglen Webster Lake in CO.  A small park with a lake and at least three acres of trails.  Along the trail there were picnic tables, flowerbeds and trees.  Spent most of the time watching my grandaughter play in the playground.  It was a picture perfect day.

Ducks in Webster lake
Caught these guys swimming around and lounging in the water. A rare site for me being from NYC and I really enjoyed taking in the sites at Northglen Webster Lake

Little Girl in Webster Lake

And of course!! My Beautiful grandaughter and her cute innocent stare.  Gave me a hard time to get this shot but then when she saw the camera it was as if the little model inside turned on and she posed like she was a rock star.

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