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Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge. A Passengers View.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge also known as the Queensboro Bridge  view has changed over the years.  It is the only way to enter the borough of queens free.  No tolls and open to commercial traffic.  Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge is always packed with traffic and its lanes are very narrow.  There is a growing business and residential community on the rise.  Lots of hotels and high rise apartment buildings on the rise.  I sometimes wonder how it would be to live there.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge connects Manhattan at 59th Street to Long Island City, Queens. The upper level of the Queensboro Bridge has four lanes where you can find the views in the photos I posted here. The lower level has six lanes, the inner four for automobile traffic and the outer two for either automobile traffic or pedestrians and bicycles. The North Outer Roadway appears to be a pedestrian walk but rarely do you see pedestrians walking over it.

Fifty Ninth 59th Street Bridge Silver Cup studios

Silvercup studios famous sign can be seen in the south side of the bridge via the lower or upper level.  My Favorite movie Highlander comes to mind immediately but there has been many other movies filmed there.  It was renamed the Ed Koch bridge but I will always call it the 59th street Bridge.

Looking thru your window

The sky was so crisp and clear that I was able to capture the above image of a warehouse window.  I just think it looks so mysterious the way the light and shadows bounced off it.


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Late Night City garden


Late City garden
is the title I picked mostly because I took this photo with only the city lights as a light source.

The low light turned out to be a good thing and enhanced the color of the tulips.


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