Walking around Ozone Park, Queens where I live and I could no longer resist.  I passed this art many many times in my local travels and I always have to stop and every time I look I see something different. I snapped this photo on Atlantic Avenue with my cell phone.  There is a beautiful big Muriel that runs along side most of the building.  Featured in this photo is Cap’n Crunch swimming in alphabet cereal.  Mrs Butter Worth standing over the bowl of cereal holding a spoon looking like she is about to attack the cereal.  Next the the Cereal is a Pack of Newports.

There is allot going on in this pic.  I just love how the artist put it all together.  If you are ever in the neighborhood check it out it is much bigger than the shot here.  I am just happy I captured it despite the bright sun that made it impossible to get the rest.  This Urban Art is truly a masterpiece and it brings a little more brightness to Ozone Park.

Below is another pic I snapped from the same art display.

Street Art

And Last is the biggest cupcake you ever did see.  Cupcake anyone?  Yum.

Street Art Cupcake

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