Christmas 2015.

What kind of blog would hip2share be if we did not do at least one holiday post.  Nothing to sell. No recommendations.


Just a sincere happy holiday to all our readers.  Christmas can be an expensive time of year and I am sure all of my readers are bombarded with lots of sales and holiday offers so I will refrain from such activity.

Giant Santa Twelve Days Till Christmas

What I will do is share my photos from last year.  And some from this year.  These are photos of my favorite part of the holiday.  It is not the gift giving or receiving but the decorations.  I am no stranger to the effort put forth into decorations and trimming which is a big part of why it is my favorite part.


Spending the money of the ornaments is one part and while it may seem like the big part for me the biggest part of it all is the time spent decorating.  Time is valuable and to dedicate it to making something beautiful is the best gift anyone can ever give.


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