Just like the title says!!! I love technology.  I have always been a nerd at heart.  When I look at at devices I am not satisfied with just looking.  I have to know what makes it tic and go even further by learning how to make it tic myself.

Life and necessity took me in a different direction.  In my fifties now and I do not want to spend to much time on learning all the intricate steps in coding and graphics but I still want to create.

Create what you say?

Images, photos, graphics.  But I dont just want to create I want to make it seem like it is  coming to life.

Again in my fifties now.  If I took time to learn all there is I may be in my 70’s before all is said and done.  Also do not want to be strapped to a very tight financial belt that may last well into my eighties.  So all I have to say is thank god for you-tube.   I have spent countless hours watching tutorials and practicing the nerd craft and I have learned lots of lessons along the way. And I am here to tell you that I have also spent lots of unneccessary dollars on software and equipment that I ultimately found out I can get for free.

I am here to share with you all that I have learned.  So if you are looking to start you own blog, website or get into graphics, web design and photography just to name a few there are ways to learn safely and without breaking the bank and what better way to learn that to find someone like me who has made all the mistakes and spent all the unnecessary money already.

I also want to mention that all posted here and through out hip2share is carefully selected.  I would never promote any software of equipment for the sake of money.  This is my hobby and making money is not my goal.  Not going to lie.  You will find affiliate adds and yes I may have affiliation with some of the links on hip2share and making money would be nice but that is not my goal.

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